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Are you a visionary creative with a passion for the world of skincare? We are a rapidly growing start-up, is seeking a highly talented Creative Specialist to be an integral part of our dynamic team. If you possess a flair for artistic excellence and have a proven track record in leading creative efforts for premium DTC beauty/skincare brands, we want you to be a driving force behind our marketing initiatives.



As our Creative Specialist, you will immerse yourself in the heart of our brand, breathing life into our vision through captivating graphic design and video editing.


Your responsibilities will include:

Crafting Compelling Content: Bring your artistic genius to the forefront by creating exceptional and on-brand creative assets for various marketing endeavors, including:

Engaging Video Editing: Produce visually stunning video content, ranging from social media reels and TikTok videos to premium product-focused ads and influencer cuts.

Captivating Graphic Design: Design captivating visuals for email templates, social media graphics, website graphics, product packaging, brand materials, and promotional merchandise.

Brand Immersion: Develop an intimate understanding of our brand identity and messaging to infuse the essence of our brand into every creative asset.

Curate & Collaborate: Source and curate videos, imagery, and music files to fuel our multi-channel content creation. Work closely with our Digital Content Manager to conceptualize and design creative assets.

Presenting Perfection: Showcase your brilliant creations to the marketing team on a weekly basis, demonstrating your ability to captivate and inspire.

Marketing Innovation: Participate in marketing and advertising promotional activities, and contribute to evolving our creative content strategy by staying ahead of industry trends and benchmarking competitors’ creative content.



A bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field, or 1-2 years of equivalent experience.

Proven experience with DTC beauty or skincare brands, showcasing your creativity and ingenuity.

Proficiency in Adobe software, and experience with animation video editing.

An imaginative and innovative mind, capable of bringing fresh ideas and concepts to the table.

Familiarity with content requirements and best practices for various platforms such as TikTok, Meta, Instagram, and YouTube.

Expertise in marketing computer software and social media platforms, as well as graphic creation tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva.

Exceptional attention to detail, resilience in accepting feedback, and a relentless pursuit of perfection in the final product.

A discerning eye for premium aesthetics, ensuring that every creation is a masterpiece.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, enhancing your ability to collaborate effectively.

A passionate spirit, energized by the dynamic and entrepreneurial environment that we offers.

Self-motivated, hands-on, and skilled at working both independently and in a collaborative team setting.

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