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Job Description

The Senior Project Officer MEAL will provide monitoring and evaluation (M&E) leadership to the 4GATES program to ensure that the program is able to document progress and achievement of stated objectives and report to PEPFAR and relevant entities of the Government of Nigeria (GON) in an accurate and timely manner. The Senior Technical Specialist MEAL takes the lead in planning the 4GATES baseline and final evaluations with MEASURE Evaluation, coordinates with Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) officials and CCFN on the use of and updates to NOMIS; liaises with MEASURE and CCFN to support training in NOMIS at the State, LGA and CSO levels and integration of new modules; and actively engages in the Core VC M&E Technical Working Group (TWG). The Senior Technical Specialist MEAL leads the development of the 4GATES Strategic Information System (SIS) and oversees data quality at all levels. The Senior Technical Specialist MEAL is responsible for M&E capacity strengthening of CSO sub grantees and overall collection, quality, analysis, use and reporting of data according to reporting requirements of the GON and PEPFAR.


The Global Action Towards Epidemic control in Sub-national units in Nigeria (4GATES) program is a five year (2017-2022), United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) funded HIV/AIDS care, treatment and support program implemented across Faith-based and Government owned health facilities in Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States.

Catholic Relief Services is part of the 4GATES consortium which is led by Caritas Nigeria and includes, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Pro-Health International and Palladium. CRS supports the implementation of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) component of the 4GATES project.



Technical Leadership:

  • Provide technical leadership and specific directions to design and implement a streamlined M&E system that enables staff and CSOs and Community volunteers to collect data to capture project performance and results in accordance with FGN and PEPFAR standards.
  • Oversee the functioning of the 4GATES M&E system and ensure its compliance to the PEPFAR and GON standards, identify and resolve implementation issues related to the M&E system
  • Develop the M&E components of sub grantee request for applications and provide guidance for the assessment of the CSO technical proposal
  • Ensure that that the M&E system (including the NOMIS and the PMIS) provides accurate and timely data for quarterly, semi-annual and annual project reports to PEPFAR and the GON.
  • Lead the development and revision of the 4GATES Performance Management Plan (PMP) working in close collaboration with the OVC Program Lead- 4GATES and liaise with PEPFAR as appropriate.
  • Ensure that the following tools are established and being used to monitor program results and lessons learned:
    • Standard tools for routine field monitoring
    • management and technical
    • and reporting
  • Annual results reviews conducted at the end of each fiscal year to inform the development of annual work plans
  • Learning activities that will be an integral part of the M&E system and allow regular identification of lessons learned and best practices
  • Document the 4GATES M&E system design in a project specific M&E manual for use by project staff and sub grantees; update manual as needed and ensure updates are adopted by sub grantees.
  • Convene a biannual M&E Community of Practice (COP) meeting for the purpose of peer to peer learning and data review
  • Support data demand and data use process within 4GATES
  • Provide leadership in work with partners and ensure mutually beneficial collaboration. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • MEASURE Evaluation and/or any other organization in the implementation of the baseline and endline surveys
    • Develop and oversee training program for; Staff responsible for M&E in relevant GON entities
    • Staff responsible for M&E in CSOs
  • Support the application of quality improvement science to improve program M&E at all levels
  • Ensure 4GATES reporting system is correctly used by CRS and CSOs: correct data entered into the system so that accurate reports are generated for the USG, FGN and States.
  • Ensure excellent, productive use of the data by:
    • Leading the development of the results for report to the donor by providing written documentation on M&E, detailed implementation plan (DIP) activities and indicator performance tracking tables (IPTT) for quarterly and annual progress reports,
    • Working with the Senior Technical Specialist Case Management/Referral, identify and document programmatic successes, best practices, challenges, and lessons learned
    • Working with 4GATES technical team to identify opportunities for learning, formative, special studies and operational research.
  • Identifying the need for and lead the implementation of special studies; oversee work of consultants
  • Respond to data requests from PEPFAR, FGN or States and other M&E partners such as MEASURE; maintain excellent relationship to ensure that program reporting complies with all standards and requirements.
  • Lead the M&E components of the annual work planning process in close collaboration with the OVC Program Lead- 4GATES and the 4GATES management and technical staff.

Supervision and Mentoring:

  • Supervise 3 Technical Specialists MEAL and provide overall performance management support for their work.
  • Ensure appropriate and effective training of the CSOs and government departments that will receive grants and report on stated objectives.


  • Represent the 4GATES consortium in external technical meetings, conferences and workshops related to M&E in OVC.
  • Actively participate in the Core OVC M&E Technical Working Group.
  • Participate on behalf of 4GATES in strategic meetings with the GON.
  • Liaise and coordinate with other OVC actors, including the government, the UN system, other NGOs, learning institutions and civil society actors to promote synergy, share lessons learned and avoid duplication.

Supervisory Responsibilities (if none, state none)

Required Foreign Language: Excellent written and spoken English.

Required Travel: Ability to travel up to 75% of time

Key Working Relationships:

Internal: CRS 4GATES team, Deputy Country Representative (Program), RTAs for Health and OVC, Country Representatives, Heads of Operations, and Security Managers/Focal Points.

External: CCFN 4GATES team, NASCP, NACA, CDC LAM, PEPFAR Implementing partners, other donors, 4GATES Consortium team members, CRS M&E Technical Advisors; FMWASWD and SMWASWD; other relevant Ministries and GON entities; Core OVC M&E Technical Working Group, MEASURE, and CCFN.


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