Cyber & IT Security Service Manager

Full time @United HR Solutions posted 3 years ago

Job Description


  • Security Consulting
  • Assist clients in meeting compliance obligations by evaluating business, technology & operations against security standards (ex. PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO27001, HIPAA)
  • Share expertise to help make top-level decisions on strategy & scope, as well as deep & highly technical projects like web application architecture & security
  • Provide clear, organized findings & recommendations to clients, tracking progress towards resolution & compliance
  • Client-facing Security Engineering
  • Ensure people who provide information for Security purposes are made aware of the outcome of its analysis
  • Execute the analysis and tools required to drive process improvements on discrete projects or accounts
  • Security Investigation
  • Able to perform forensic collections of data and to conduct detailed forensic analysis tasks including data recovery, production of forensic images and compilation of forensic examination reports
  • Collection and management of evidence to ensure that the chain of custody is fully documented in accordance with local statutes and policies
  • Use of forensic and data mining tools to collect, search, recover, sort and organize large amounts of information in all phases of an investigation


Security Assurance & Compliance

  • Conduct security / compliance audits based on SOC2 / ITIL / ISACA / COBIT / NIST or other guidelines
  • Develop audit plans for allocated audit assignments Contribute to contract compliance work Analytics and Cyber Threat Analysis
  • Continuous & persistent monitoring of security technologies/tool data and network traffic which result in security alerts generated, parsed, triggered, or observed on the in-scope managed networks, enclaves, systems, or security technologies
  • Correlation and trend analysis of security logs, network traffic, security alerts, events, and incidents

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