Estate Manager

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Job Description

Оversee the operational aspects of commercial and residential properties and are responsible for maintaining the premises and increasing their value.

They provide services for multiple buildings or locations.

Job duties associated with large properties can include training and supervising staff members and groundskeepers.

Furthermore, he/she is responsible for managing the financial aspects of a property or properties, collects rent and ensures taxes, insurance, payroll, and maintenance bills are paid.



  • Handle financial operations of the property.
  • Collect rent.
  • Send out notices if rent is delinquent.
  • Prepare and maintain financial statements.
  • Update owners on status of property.
  • Inform owners about occupancy rates, expiration dates of leases, and other issues.
  • Advise owners on how much to charge for rent.
  • Monitor the performance of contractors.
  • Investigate and resolve complaints from residents and tenants when services are not properly provided.
  • Purchase supplies and equipment for properties.
  • Hire contractors to make repairs.
  • Supervise maintenance staff.
  • Understand and comply with pertinent legislation.
  • Plan and direct the purchase, sale, and development of real estate properties on behalf of businesses and investors.
  • Consider factors such as property values, taxes, zoning, population growth, transportation, and traffic volume and patterns.
  • Negotiate contracts for the purchase or lease of the property.

Real estate managers must have excellent interpersonal and analytical skills, including the ability to communicate with owners, staff and tenants in an effective and efficient manner.

Computer literacy, record-keeping and strong leadership abilities are also required.



  • Should have a minimum of bachelors degree in real estate, finance or business administration.
  • Nevertheless successful candidates will receive on-the-job training, including how to operate and repair any machines or equipment located on the premises.


Note: Applicants must in locations within Lagos.


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