Stakeholder Manager

Full time @AECOM posted 3 years ago

Job Description

As Stakeholder Manager you will be responsible for having close rapport with key Stakeholders representatives and liaise with the Design, Project Managers and Directors to manage and facilitate all project related approvals, NOC’s, Permits, standards, guidelines, ordinances, rules and regulations to be obtained for the progression of projects.

Responsible for integrating the needs of projects with all direct Stakeholders including, but not limited to the Authorities in Abu Dhabi, construction industry, as well the public.

The SMU will have the responsibility of furnishing project delivery teams with the most current standards, guidelines, ordinances, rules and regulations in Qatar. It will outline procedures and develop manuals. In addition, this SMU will review all design drawings/ submissions for compliance with relevant regulations and codes for all development within Qatar. The SMU will maintain secure files (hard and soft copy) of all key documentation related to permitting and approvals.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Undertakes duties as assigned by the Director and Lead the Stakeholder Management Unit.
  • Responsible for developing Stakeholder relationships, fostering community relationships and supporting senior management as a face of AECOM.
  • Understands AECOM competitive advantages in order to find innovative and strategic ways for the company to create new business opportunities through the ongoing interaction with the stakeholders.
  • Manages all stakeholders to the highest levels in an organized and systematic manner including all relevant authorities.
  • Establishes the stakeholder(s) management strategy and register, and updates as required and monitors implementation.
  • Manages stakeholder outreach initiatives, dialogue and other forms of engagement to understand key common interests.
  • Proactively build strategic alliances and coalitions with key constituency groups whose work is aligned with AECOM priorities.
  • Prepares periodic high level program progress presentations/dashboards to the stakeholder executive to assure continuous engagement whenever needed.
  • Represents the Client /AECOM’s interests by providing full support and guidance on all matters related to permitting & approvals for projects.
  • Maintains thorough knowledge of planning processes required to coordinate with the Authorities and government entities for clarifications, justifications and permitting by statutory authorities.
  • Engages with the stakeholders to identify and analyse issues and communicate information to appropriate stakeholders.
  • Manages Design Managers & Directors with the overall permitting process.
  • Engages with Project Directors and Design Managers in planning & developing permitting strategies for projects and facilitate risks mitigations tools to avoid project delays.
  • Ensures managers deliver required documents on schedule and in accordance with Authorities’ requirements, guidelines & standard specification.
  • Develops Engagement capabilities within AECOM to improve business practices and help drive business unit strategy. Educate and link different groups and functions in company. Build stakeholder engagement capacity internally.
  • Proactively monitors projects program-wide so that any potential planning delays are identified early and a planned course of action is taken to mitigate delays.
  • Notifies the client of any potential risks in the permitting process that could impact the schedule and update status via dashboards periodically.

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