Strategy, Execution & Product Lead

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Job Description

Our client aims to build ultra-scalable new channels and business models that can grow to serve more than half a million farmers in just a few years. They have a diverse portfolio of investments, from large government partnerships, to short-term behavior change campaigns, to rural retail shops, to tree seedling nurseries. What they share is a commitment to impact millions of farm families while maintaining operations that are cost-neutral or highly financially efficient, in order to reach as many people as possible.

They are seeking an exceptional individual to launch a new Impact Ventures program in Nigeria. The successful candidate would be setting up and managing an initial trial with the future expectation of scaling to become the lead for a region-wide / nation-wide venture in Nigeria.

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

The Lead is responsible for the overall launch and leadership of the new pilot program and guiding its growth through:
  • Management and leadership of the pilot field team to achieve those vision and goals
  • Higher level strategy development AND detailed field execution
  • Collaborating with other Global and Nigeria One Acre Fund teams

The role is multi-faceted and suited to those who enjoy working under pressure with high levels of responsibility and building a program from the start.

Examples of the type of tasks required of the role are:

Project Management

  • Building out a detailed trial project plan including execution calendar
  • Working with the Finance Department to build a financial model for the trial permutations
  • Developing trial deliverables that support field execution in order to meet the trial objectives:
  • Field facing strategies and tools (e.g. Key performance indicator tracker)
  • Management tools (e.g. dashboards/reporting tools, meeting/training calendar)
  • Team management tools (e.g. multi-year organization chart, Professional Development Curriculum)

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