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Removing barriers, making connections & creating career opportunities

We launched in June 2020 with our minds set on one goal: creating a streamlined way of both seek employment and hire staff. In-turn, we strive to change the way people find work by simplifying the process.

A job guarantees financial security, but it also brings self-esteem and dignity. We believe that 24 hours is enough time to change somebody’s life. That is why we spend each day working hard to remove barriers, make connections and create opportunities. We are making the world a better place for millions of people, one job at a time.


Fulfill your immediate hiring needs

Get set up in seconds, start receiving applications shortly, create a profile today and take the hassle out of hiring your next staff. 

Build your skills and knowledge

Learn about how to advance your career from industry veterans. Get answers to questions from your peers.

For the service businesses

We match pre-screened, skilled candidates from our extraordinary network of professionals in your area to your immediate or long-term staffing needs.

Discover opportunities

Recruiters are constantly looking for the best talent and managers. Put yourself in a position to land your dream job.

Expand your network

Everyone knows that the best way to get a job is through your connections. Make valuable contacts around the country and world.

Streamlined Process

Designed to make it easier to manage your business and team, Zikorah was conceived by an idea of a streamlined employment process and we know exactly what you’re looking for.

Large Network

Enjoy access to our national pool of talent from all 36 states. Hire staff in 24 hours! Over 74% of the jobs posted on our job board find their ideal match under 24 hours.

Applicants in Minutes

Post a job for FREE and start receiving qualified applicants in minutes.

Search and Filter

Don't just wait for candidates to apply. Actively search and filter for top candidates.

Chat and Video

Chat with candidates immediately. Find out with a simple video interview if a candidate is the right fit for your team.


Serving millions of individuals on their path to an ideal career.

We have already placed tens of thousands of job seekers successfully with thousands of corporations and businesses within our first 12 months of operation. The platform is rapidly expanding in major locales nationally to serve the millions workers looking for work.

Zikorah is looking to reshape the employment landscape for hourly employers and professionals to be instant, accessible, and efficient.