Could you provide more information about the demographics of the candidates who use your site? has a very diverse group of job seekers looking for opportunities in over 50 job categories, across a wide variety of industries in Nigeria, from entry-level up to executive-level positions. We do keep our specific data related to our job seeker members confidential. We have a very educated, experienced candidate base in general, including:

  • 94.5% who have a University degree—40% Bachelors/Diploma, 35% Graduate, 7% Phd.
  • 75% who are employed in some capacity—24% employed full-time, 15% are on Apprenticeship, 19% are on Internships, and 15% are working occasionally.
  • 12% who have worked remotely before, either some of the time or full-time.
  • 53% who are mid-level or manager-level professionals.