Are there any jobs that will not post?

We do NOT post jobs that:

  • Do not offer at least one type of “work” option: remote, freelance, part-time, e.t.c.
  • Are not immediately available (job postings must be for jobs that are currently hiring).
  • Appear to be commission-only jobs, a “business opportunity” or MLM, or any job requiring an investment to get started.
  • Do not meet our minimum wage standards (or offer extremely low pay).
  • Are not professional-level or career-path kind of jobs.
  • Require a job seeker to pay a training fee or a fee to apply.
  • Require a job seeker to bid on a job.
  • Are job listings designed to build a talent pool or talent community, that do not have an actual current job opportunity for which the company is actively recruiting.
  • Are not legitimate.