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  • Founded Date November 22, 1900
  • Sectors Banking, Finance & Insurance
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  • Founded Since 1856

Company Description

Find a new home for your skills, ideas and ambitions. Credit Suisse offers you best-​in-class training, competitive benefits and international expertise. Get ready for our exciting journey together.

Our purpose

Our Credit Suisse purpose statement considers how we add value to our clients and communities, capturing the essence of what gets us up and energizes us to fully engage every day – it is what gives us meaning when we work.

As a global bank we have a crucial role to play in society, be it by enabling economic growth, providing capital, participating in markets, facilitating infrastructure development or managing wealth. As a global business we also provide substantial employment across the globe, with meaningful work that allows personal growth.

Credit Suisse’s purpose statement was developed by our people. Employees across all business areas, functions and geographies collaborated to agree on a statement which is fully endorsed by the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. Our purpose is unique to Credit Suisse and intends to make each employee feel proud to be part of our organization:

“We build lasting value by serving our clients with care and entrepreneurial spirit”

Our purpose statement begins with “we”: teamwork and collaboration are fundamental parts of our culture and at the core of the value proposition to our clients. Coming up with the right solutions is always a team effort, never solely the result of individual performance.

“Build” and “lasting value” emphasize our commitment to create sustainable, positive impact with everything we do. We are in it for the long term and do not sacrifice long-term value for short-term benefits. This conviction is built on our over 160-year heritage and history and the enduring partnerships with our stakeholders and communities.

At the core of our purpose statement is the focus on “serving our clients” with care and entrepreneurial spirit. When we serve our clients and enable their success, they in turn have the opportunity to positively impact society.

“Care” highlights our deep dedication to our clients. It shows our commitment to listen attentively to them, to find out what they really require – and then go the extra mile to meet their needs. At the same time, doing what we do with care also means that we diligently follow the rules and regulations, respect our stakeholders, contribute to our communities and apply the highest ethical standards.

“Entrepreneurial spirit” is rooted in our DNA and from how we were established by Alfred Escher. Recognized as a pioneer of modern Switzerland, he was the founder of the Swiss Railway system and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, a member of parliament, as well as a key force for the realization of the Gotthard Tunnel. Today, Credit Suisse employees are renowned for our desire to solve problems and think creatively and innovatively for our clients.

Credit Suisse Purpose

Connecting purpose to values

Our purpose is at the core of everything we do. It underpins the value we create, and has powered our progress for more than 160 years. It captures for us, for our clients and for other stakeholders the essence of “why” we exist as an organization. It motivates us when we come to work every day and serves as our North Star when we make decisions.

While our purpose answers why we exist, our strategy serves to inform “what” we do. Our strategy builds on Credit Suisse’s strengths: our position as a leading wealth manager with strong global investment banking capabilities and our vital presence in our home market of Switzerland.

The Credit Suisse brand reflects “who” we are, how we present ourselves and how we are perceived by the outside world. Our brand captures how we apply an entrepreneurial mindset while being connected and responsible.

When it comes to “how” we act every day, our values serve as our ultimate guide. They inform our decision-making in the moments that matter.