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Company Overview

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Company Description

As part of GardaWorld, GardaWorld Africa offers a wide range of highly focused business solutions including leading-edge security services and cash solutions.

We operate across a broad range of sectors, including financial services, infrastructure, natural resources and retail. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and governments, with people and assets deployed around the world.

In today’s complex world, security has become a vital concern for everyone, and it is the foundation of our present and future success.

GardaWorld is the world’s largest privately owned security services company offering a wide range of highly focused business solutions, including leading-edge security services and cash solutions.

Rest assured that your people, property and assets are protected.

We invest time in an intensive selection process, which includes in-depth background checks. Once hired, our security guards undergo rigorous training in first aid, fire prevention, customer service and more.

They help maintain a safe environment and reassure both your employees and the public. When it comes to handling an incident with minimal disruption to your operations, GardaWorld security guards can make all the difference.

Executive protection by highly trained professionals.

Personal protection is a necessary security measure for individuals who may be exposed to increased personal risk due to their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations, geographical location, or any other reason that could make them the target of a physical attack or kidnapping.

We have been providing elite security solutions to clients throughout North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa since 2003. Our highly trained, low-profile bodyguards are qualified to work in high-risk and complex environments, and specialize in the protection of diplomats and commercial clients. Several members of our executive protection teams are former Canadian, French, US and UK Special Forces professionals.


There’s a lot more to effective crowd management than just dotting a venue with security personnel. It takes expert planning, coordination and communication. Our teams are trained to manage a variety of security-related tasks at all types of gatherings, so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Experience the added security benefit of our K9 security units.

When it comes to public safety and securing certain environments, the significant contribution of professionally trained and handled guard dogs no longer needs to be proven.

From airports and ports to stadiums, shopping malls and anywhere else where crowd safety can be a concern, the guard dogs from our K9 security units add a layer of protection to our security services.

A full suite of GPS-based asset tracking services.

If you run a business where you have shipping containers, vehicles or personnel on the move, security and visibility of your high-value assets is critical. That’s why we offer first-rate asset tracking solutions, making asset management simple for our clients.

Our tracking products all feature modern, flexible and intuitive interfaces, which you can access from your computer or mobile device. Plus, we offer a comprehensive range of functionalities to satisfy even advanced users.

In addition to allowing you to track your assets and monitor areas of interest, tamper protection is built into our trackers to prevent interference. Also, many of our clients use the tracking information we provide for insurance purposes, general security, as well as for revenue tracking for tax purposes.

Security Products

GardaWorld offers a range of security products to help improve your business or organization’s overall security. Our selection of access control and CCTV solutions provide tested and proven technologies to keep your people and facilities safe.

Optimized access control for efficiency and security

Public access points can quickly become bottlenecks, while restricted points need security protocols to ensure that only authorized personnel can access them. Whether you are looking to control people and vehicles’ access to specific areas during an event or safeguard your airport, we possess the access control expertise and the staff resources to cover all of your security needs. Our access control services include:

  • Access control to restricted areas
  • Physical search
  • Management access control systems
  • Baggage search
  • Continuous 24/7 patrol of buildings or other facilities
  • Crowd control
  • Response to security breaches, bomb threats, and all other emergencies

For cutting-edge access control, GardaWorld can also manage your biometric access control systems.

CCTV solutions designed for you

We offer a range of choices, from traditional analog CCTV systems to the latest IP-based digital solutions. We can provide everything from stand-alone cameras for a branch office to full CCTV coverage for large building complexes and multiple properties. We also offer fully integrated IP addressable CCTV systems for high-security environments.

24/7 coverage

Our state-of-the-art monitoring systems allow us to provide high-reliability remote monitoring and response, day or night.

Some of the available features include:

  • Dome, bullet or box cameras
  • Day/night video technology
  • Infrared illumination
  • Wide range of digital video recorders
  • Touch screen monitor surveillance
  • Mobile connectivity for remote detection

Mobile security professionals, when and where you need them

Whether you require an airport meet & greet, secure transportation while on a business trip, route planning, or protection as you travel to and from your place of work, our highly trained mobile security teams can ensure your security.

These teams have extensive local knowledge of the areas they serve, enabling you or your personnel to move safely in high-risk, uncertain and hostile environments.

We provide you with a rigorous ground study and route analysis for all movements, contingency planning and first-line medical support in the unlikely event of an incident. Furthermore, if there is an emergency, you can rest assured that help will arrive shortly. Our quick reaction force (QRF) support is made possible because we have several teams and vehicles on the road at all times, all managed from our operations centers.

We build a bespoke configuration of B6 armored and soft-skin vehicles to meet every client’s requirements. Our entire fleet is equipped with VHF radio, satellite communication systems and on-board tracking to allow our operations centers to follow your movements in real time. Different vehicle profiles are deployed based on the latest threats, the overall intelligence picture, your specific requirements, the task, and the operating environment.