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Company Description

Mission Statement​

The mission of Wupek Properties Limited is to provide honest and reliable service that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

About Wupek Properties Limited

WUPEK Properties Limited is an integrated Architectural, Building Construction, and Urban planning firm in Nigeria. The firm is client-driven and creates Architectural designs outside-the-box. With design excellence, research and development, it has executed projects that has explored applications of emerging technologies and contemporary needs.


Using the power of properties to create a better World, Wupek is committed, and has deep expertise in residential homes and commercial business buildings. The firm’s practices, insights, and opinions create more livable homes, cities, and smarter workplaces.

Wupek is a research based firm that believes that design can change the World and improve human condition. We believe that in order to optimize building performance, the human brain is the professional’s most discerning critics. We believe in design excellence, in collaborative design process, and in teaming with different building experts and creative talents to positively impact the World.

We never lose sight of our client’s perspective. We understand the dynamic environment in which our clients find themselves. Our clients are engaged and informed in decision making, and participate and contribute to the design process and outcome. Our work is like a covenant with our clients. Our clients work is their future investment.

Using space, zoning and regulatory analysis, we design environments that is habitable. We design for people. Design serves people’s needs and the World who will use the building. As an environmental design solution firm, we build designs that speak the client’s mission, culture and values.

Wupek’s architectural, building construction, and urban planning practices are both practical and meaningful by reinventing the urban condition, creating a healthy inspiring spaces and a dynamic relationship between the natural and built environment. We build designs that become landmarks for each culture. We design innovative environments that enhance performance and exceed clients’ expectations.

We use the power of documentation to bring life and meaning to space. We use the power of thought leadership to make wise decisions. We use the power of architecture, planning, construction, space, functionality, aesthetics, structure (endurance, sustainability and quality), social, technical, and environmental factors to create high performance built environment.