Alaran Ibrahim

Data Engineer

Sector: Information Technology & Software

Member Since, May 8, 2021

About Me

  • Highest Academic Level  bachelors-degree
  • Gender  Male
  • Industry  Software and Data

About me

I am a Data Engineer with hands-on experience in data engineering techniques including;

  •  Database Architectures (Pipelines, Lakes, Warehouses, Redshift)
  • Database Design (Models, Schemas, Star, Snowflake, OLTP, OLAP, MPP),
  • Data Ingestion & Processing (ETL,ELT, EST, scraping),
  • Database Management DBMS (POSTREGSQL, MySQL, MongoDB),
  • Parallel & Cluster Computing (Pyspark, Hive)
  • Automation & Containerization ( Airflow, Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Cloud Computing AWS(boto3, s3, rds, lambda, glue, emr, rekognition) & GCS ( cloud storage, SQL, dataproc)
  • Programming Language (Python, SQL, Bash & Scala)
  • CI&CD (Git, Circle CI, Travis CI)

Aside core data engineering techniques, My background is rooted in machine learning which I assume is also an advantage. I believe data is ubiquitous, and anyone who could collect, interpret & utilize them effectively, already has a significant leverage.

My objective as a data engineer ? 
To deliver the right data, to the right people, at the right time’

You can check my Github, Portfolio & Google Colab page for interesting projects.